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We want to make sure you have the best coverage for you, because everyone has different needs when it comes to home insurance!

Factors insurance companies take into account when determining your property premium include:

Location: Areas that have a higher risk of crime or weather related losses would have a higher premium that those areas that have a lower risk of such losses. Also, homes close to a fire station/fire hydrant will have lower premium than those that are further away.

Age of home/home’s condition: A newer home or a home that has been fully updated and regularly maintained would generally have a lower premium, as the plumbing, electrical, or roof would have fewer issues resulting in less claims.

Loss prevention: Devices which will help mitigate loss (i.e. monitored burglar alarm) will result in lower premiums as the likelihood of a claim occurring, and any resulting damages, will be reduced.

Number of claims you have made: There are greater discounts given on premiums the longer you remain claims-free.

Type of heating: Homes that use a wood-burning stove as a source of heating are at a higher risk of fires, which results in higher premium.

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