Joey, why are auto rates increasing?

Our office has been a busy place with our insurance partners representatives coming to Visit and give us the information on what will be seeing in our clients upcoming renewals.

Breakdown of rate increases varied from company but the overall census was a minimum of 10 percent per vehicle.

Primary reason for the increases:

New modern vehicle repair cost. Due to the technology and onboard computers, sensors, cameras in the vehicles to repair a vehicle is extremely costly. The insurers were not prepared for these high repair bills and the rates are increased in your physical damage coverage. Simply put if insurers are putting out more money they have to collect those costs.

Our staff is here making sure that what we have on file is the most recent updated information and you will get a call or email to see if you have any changes that we can use to lower your insurance premiums.

The factors we look at:

  1. Driver use do you commute or are you pleasure use
  2. Have any occasional drivers upgraded their drivers status from a G2 to a G
  3. Vehicle coverage: increasing the deductibles or deleting coverage you may not need or want
  4. Checking that all discounts the companies offer that you qualify for are being used on your policy. Winter tires is the newest.


  1. Buying a new car call us to quote it before you purchase it we can tell you why the rate may be higher based on the year make and model due to the company rate groups.
  2. Safe driving. Put your phone in do not disturb. Distracted driving is a number one cause of accidents.
  3. Add new drivers as soon as they receive their licence, they start to build their drivers history which will make their premiums lower.
  4. Report any changes like alarms, change in commute, winter tires

As your local insurance brokerage we appreciate our valued customers and our staff is here to give you tips make changes to help with these new realities and keep your insurance costs as affordable as possible.

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